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Magnetic Particle Inspection Machine Tri-Vector - AC/HW/FW, 92" 6kA Wet Horizontal (MV-3926)
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Tri-Vector - AC/HW/FW, 92" 6kA Wet Horizontal
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OptionsPart #
208VAC 60 Hz, 380VAC 50Hz, 415VAC 50Hz, 575 60Hz - MV344610-30-70-12
Reversing DC Demag MV-344610-30-11-09
14" Coil For Machines Up To 6,000 Amps10-30-75-03
16" Coil For Machines Up To 6,000 Amps10-30-75-05
18" Coil For Machines Up To 6,000 Amps10-30-75-07
20" Coil For Machines Up To 6,000 Amps10-30-75-09
26" Coil For Machines Up To 6,000 Amps10-30-75-11
30" Coil For Machines Up To 10,000 Amps10-30-75-16
30" Coil for Machines up to 10,000 Amps in addition to Standard Coil04-01-30
Split Coil Channel with 20" Coil10-30-75-55
M/V Headstock Riser - 4"10-30-40-03
M/V Tailstock Riser - 4"10-30-39-03
Dual 12" Air Core Coils in Place of Iron Core Induction Coils - 16" Movement10-30-75-51
Replace Tailstock with Additional M-V Headstock (Mirrored)10-30-39-05
18" Tall Light Curtain For Machine Guarding10-30-36
Poly Grates for Use with Water - 100" Machines10-30-01-04
Stainless Steel Pump - Upgrade10-30-35
Heavy Duty Coil Carriage with Sealed Wheels04-15-01
Autobath Applicator - 18" Stroke10-30-05
100watt Blacklight & Mounting Arms with Machine Purchase10-30-33-01
Magwerks UB400SA - 400watt Blacklight with Machine Purchase10-30-33-02
Automatic Central Conductor Fixture10-30-08
Adjustable High / Low Current Fault Alarm 10-30-10-04
Heat Exchanger - Closed Loop Design10-30-60-80-20KIT
200A / 600V Fused Master Disconnect without Fuses02-18-01
Separate Cabinet for Containing Power Supply, Controls & C/B Disconnect10-30-60-01
Extension Cabinet to Increase Part Capacity from 92" to 164"10-30-60-03
XHD Cabinet Upgrade for 100" Machine10-30-60-08
XHD Extension Cabinet to Increase Part Capacity from 100" to 172"10-30-60-06
MicroTouch Parts Menu System, 3"10-30-10-60-01
MicroTouch Parts Menu System, 6"10-30-10-60-03
IS- Basic Integrated System Interface10-30-09
IS- Dual Electric Eyes for Automatic Counting Good / Reject Parts10-30-09-06
IS- LAN Hardware Interface - for Connecting To Your LAN 10-30-09-03
IS- Remote Machine Management Software10-30-09-01
IS- Remote Data Acquisition Software10-30-09-02
IS- Epson LQ-570+ Report Printer and Cables for Printing From the Machine10-30-09-05
IS- Local Printing Interface (At Machine)10-30-09-04
Swing Away Hood, Ventilator & White Light with Autobath - 100" Machines10-30-22
Swing Away Hood, Ventilator & White Light w/o Autobath - 100" Machines10-30-21
Swing Away Hood Assembly for 172" Capacity Machine10-30-31
Custom Painting10-30-99

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